I’m just your everyday mom with 2 kids who was looking to get into better shape when I stumbled upon the new CIZE workout program by Beachbody.

It looked not only fun, but challenging as well, and I had to give it a shot.

After following CIZE for a month, the results have been better than I even expected.

I just had to build this blog to share my experience and review of the program, as well as help anyone out with questions they may have about it.

So please, if you have any questions at all, send them to me in the comments or through the contact form and I would be glad to help out!

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  1. Are you a Beachbody coach? This is blowing my mind if you registered a domain and provided links and you’re not a coach! 🙂 Seriously, you should think about it!

    Other than that – DUDE 15 lbs is awesome in a month!! and I am a huge fan of Shaun T (I call him my “workout boyfriend” ha!). I loved the idea of Cize as soon as I heard about it, before it launched – so I immediately signed up to get certified to teach the Cize LIVE classes! If you are waiting for new moves, check Beachbodylive.com and see if there are any Cize LIVE classes offered nearby! <3

    I love to see balanced informative reviews like yours; this is the kind of info I looked for when I was first starting my health journey. You sound JUST like me, I tried the C25K program, StrongLifts, and some other routines I found on bodybuilding.com or somesuch place… and then I happened up on Focus T25 which is a different Shaun T program. Glad that I got hold of the Beachbody way of life, because I've come a long way and it's changed my life, as cheesy as that sounds LOL!

    Anyhoo- enough of my word vomit, I hope you have an excellent weekend!!! <3 <3

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