5 Tips to Stop Drinking Soda and Speed Up Fat Loss

water vs sodaOnce you’ve decided to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll start to notice that you’re paying more attention to many different areas in your life and how they affect your fitness level. Many people report that after even a couple good sessions of working out with programs like CIZE that they suddenly start thinking about their diet, their morning routines, almost everything.

Well, it’s perfectly reasonable to also look at how much soda you’re drinking throughout the week and to wonder how it’s impacting your fitness goals. The facts about soda have been hammered to death, so instead, we’re focusing on how you can kick the soda habit for your health.

1. Cold Turkey Might Not Be Best

If you try to completely cut out soda from Day 1, you very well might go through caffeine withdrawal and a sugar deficit that will leave your body screaming. Believe it or not, if you’ve been drinking soda for years, your body has become very use to that fact. While you might be able to quit cold turkey, we recommend cutting back slowly so that you’re body gets used to the change.

2. Set Goals for Yourself

Getting off soda is much easier when you set weekly goals for yourself. Gradually cut back the number of sodas over the course of a month, with the goal being to get yourself down to less than 1 can a day. Once you hit that goal, it becomes much easier to start skipping days and forego the drink entirely.

3. Avoid Places that Serve Soda

It seems like almost every restaurant has soda on the menu these days. But many more healthy cafes and shops specialize in having better choices that don’t include soda. Even bringing your own lunch to work can mean that you’re avoiding those places where soda is the biggest temptation.

4. Keep a Water Bottle

One great way to cut back on soda is to always have your water bottle with you. By ensuring that you always have something to drink, you’ll be able to skip the soda machine when thirst really hits. You’ll also be making sure that you’re properly hydrated throughout the day, which is always a good thing.

5. Go with these Drink Alternatives

In addition to plain water, there are also some good alternatives to soda that are flavorful and delicious, but don’t pack in the sugar or calories.

One that we love is a sparkling juice and water combo, where you use soda water, a bit of lemonade or orange juice, and water to create a lower calorie cocktail.

You can also try simple lemon or cucumber slices in water for an even lower calorie drink.

Also consider taking unsweet tea or black coffee for something that packs a lot of flavor, but not a lot of the other stuff. Once you put these tips in place, you’ll find that kicking the soda habit is only a matter of time and you will feel much better for it.